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Simple, Straightforward Vineyard Care

At Vine Shepherd, we aim to provide our services pure and simple with straight forward prices, honesty and passion. No hidden commissions, no surprise bills, and no backroom deals. Growing world class wine-grapes is all we do. 

Passionate about quality, mindful of your bottom line.


Bringing out the best your vineyard has to offer

Tending to the vines with love and passion, we are here to service your every need. From viticultural services and consulting to full vineyard management, there is no task we cannot tackle. Blending the latest advancements in viticultural technology with experience and tradition, we will bring out the best your vineyard has to offer.

Our Services


Vineyard Management

  • Full Service Management

  • Pruning to Planting Care

  • Budgeting and Accounting

  • Pest Control

  • Erosion Control

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Fruit Sales

  • Regenrative and Organic Farming

  • Any Size, Any Style Vineyard

  • Soil, Tissue and Fruit Sampling

  • Irrigation Management

  • Fertilizers and Fertility

  • Vineyard Design and Layout

  • Sustainability Certifications

  • Canopy Management

  • Phenolics and Smoke Taint Testing

  • Crop Estimations

  • Due Diligence Reports

Pest Control

  • Custom Applications

  • Weeds, Vertebrates and Mildew

  • PCA and Scouting Services

  • Chemical Procurement

  • Organic or Conventional

  • Vineyard Health Audits

Viticultural Services and Consulting



Owner and Viticulturist Edward (Eddy) Kronfli completed his Masters Degree in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis before setting out to work and study in vineyards across the world. Back home in California, he has worked in some of the finest vineyards in both Napa and Paso Robles where he collaborated with winemakers to develop and cultivate ultra-premium winegrapes sustainably and consistently. Detail oriented and data driven, Edward always emphasizes that he is a scientist first, farmer second and aims to take the guesswork out of viticulture. Originally starting out with aspirations of being a winemaker, Edward quickly realized that the best way to make a great wine is to start in the vineyard so he traded in his barrels for a tractor.  He states "At the end of the day, it's all about the wine, everything we do, everything we sacrifice, is to help create that magic moment when you taste a wine that is truly incredible. Thats why we work so hard."


Outside of the vineyard, Edward tends to a flock of sheep that occasionally make appearances in the vineyards, but insists  that his most important flock are the vineyards of the Central Coast

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